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Low Voltage AC Fountain Pump Info.

 Small low voltage fountain pump WA-65 Large outdoor low voltage fountain pump, Fountain Pro WA-530-LV

Whether you have or plan to purchase a small WA-65-LV pump or the large 530-LV pump or any of the 3 pumps in between, the WA-170, WA-300 and the WA-345 low voltage pumps, they all connect and run off of one kind of transformer and that’s a 12-volt AC current on the output of the transformer.

How to connect a low voltage fountain pump to a low voltage transformer This is how a low voltage pump connects to a low voltage AC transformer. You can connect the wires up to either pole. These pumps are AC and the output of the transformer has to be 12-volt AC. These pumps will NOT run off a DC transformer or battery. So please make sure the transformer is AC. Most outdoor lighting is AC but you want to make sure.

The pumps come with a 20-foot cable already hard wired into the pump. You can cut the ends off the pump and connect it to more cable to give it a longer run, BUT when you do this is will VOID the warranty on the pump.

Also when you add more wire to the already installed wire on the pump it will drop some voltage. It depends how much more cable you add. We’ve found out another 20 feet doesn’t affect the voltage that much but over say 50 feet, you may experience some decrease in voltage and therefore a lower GPH from the pump.

Some transformers say, NOT to be used with a fountain pump. This is because some people cut the ends off a 110 pump and expect it to run off a 12v system, it will not. These are 12v low voltage pumps and will run off a 12v AC transformer.

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