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Questions About Mister Foggers 

Basic Fogger Questions Answered
Single / One Disk Foggers work perfect in bowls or containers of 10" to 18" in diameter with a water depth of 2"-4" deep. You'll have sufficient fog in this given area.
For larger fountains and applications, we recommend foggers with five or more disks (jets).

Added benefits: Aroma Therapy, Allergies, Asthma Conditions even Tropical Plants (Orchids) and Reptiles love the humidity.

Here are some easy tips for maintaining your new Mister Fogger.

The foggers will stop working if the water level gets too low or is level or below the black sensor bar which is located next to the disk.

Never rub a disk to clean it. To clean the disk do not remove it from the unit. Place a drop or two of CLR which is Calcium, Lime & Rust remover. Let this bubble for a couple of seconds, rinse off with clean water and you're ready to go! If this doesn't work then you would need to replace the disk.
CLR can be bought in any grocery store, Ace Hardware, Home Depot or Lowes.
If you rub the disk this takes the finish off the disk and the fogger will no longer produce any fog.
The rubber washer is built into the disk. It is the bottom side. The shiny gold side goes UP. Never clean the inside under the disk as this is very sensitive. New disk units come with a protective rubber gasket around the disk. This has to be removed before inserting into your unit. Never put a disk on top of another disk. The fogging unit will only hold one disk.
Make sure the water is clean.
Recommended water: tap or filtered
Do not use in: distilled, deionized or purified water
Do not use any chemicals at all.
If you have plants like orchids or bonsai's their planting soil and/or fertilizers may get into the water. 
This can ruin the disk and shorten the disks life span.
All foggers should not operate for more than 8 consecutive hours.
Fogger's disk under normal use can last up to 2000 working hours.

* Never plug a fogger's transformer into an extension cord.
The transformer should be plugged directly into an electrical GFCI outlet.
When changing the disk make sure not to over tighten the ring that holds the disk in place. This can crack the disk and will cause your unit not to fog.
Handle the disk as least as possible as your hands contain oil and this can hinder the disks performance. Handle disks on their edges.
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